Friday, March 28, 2008

Fighting Artichokes!

Like many UCLA fans last night, I nervously watched the last minutes of the UCLA game praying that UCLA would not blow their commanding lead against Western Kentucky University. In addition to the embarrassment of losing to a 12th seeded team, we would have to live with the fact that we lost to a school who's mascot is an amorphous blob named "Big Red."

I am not sure if Big Red is better or worse than Banana Slugs (UC Santa Cruz), Anteaters (UC Irvine), Trees (Stanford's unofficial mascot), Fighting Artichokes (Scottsdale Community College), Horned Frogs (Texas Christian University), Fighting Okra (Delta State University), etc. [Weird University Mascots]

But yes, we won. And tomorrow, we will be playing the Xavier Musketeers in the Elite 8. Guess what their secondary mascot is: Blue Blob.

I hate to sound cocky, especially after barely winning last night, but I seriously feel like we are playing against Sesame Street characters.

Anyway, go Bruins! Beat Blue Blob.

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