Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fact Follows Fiction?

A young Congressman with two cute kids and an fashionable and independent wife takes on establishment Democrats with more name recognition in the primary election. Eventually he gains momentum in the primary process and is in a virtual delegate tie with another Democratic candidate going into Democratic Convention. Ultimately he gives a rousing speech, which helps propel him to the nomination.

On the Republican side, there is the Senator from the West, in the Senate for over two decades. He is known as a maverick who has criticized the Religious Right and is not trusted by pro-life groups. He runs against, and defeats a his fellow Republicans, including a Reverend.

When the Democrat and the Republican square off, the Democrat wins in a close election and becomes the first President of color.

Is this just the West Wing series finale plot line filmed over two years ago, or a glimpse into how 2008 election will pan out?


I have been meaning to write this post for a while. However, I forgot until I posted about the West Wing yesterday. Many of my friends have probably already noticed these similarities and commented yesterday about how much they miss the show. I do too. But at least we have an election that can be as entertaining, if not more, playing in real life.

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