Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Restaurant Week'age

One of my favorite DC traditions is Restaurant Week, a time when us common folk have the opportunity to patronize the city's fine dining establishments for a fraction of the normal price. Although some restaurant workers look down upon people who simply come for a $30.08 prix fixe dinner menu, most restaurant employees give us the 5 star treatment that typically comes with at these expensive restaurants.

Over the long weekend Martin Luther King weekend,* my friends, Alex, and I went to Taberna del Alabardero. Supposedly the Spanish government has said that this is the best Spanish restaurant out of Spain. Although I have never had authentic Spanish food, I would not doubt the Spanish government.

My friends and I were all excited to try those fancy dishes with fancy presentations that we have only seen on Top Chef. Lentil and foie gras soup, monkfish, creamed leaks, veal sweatbreads (well not me because I am not brave enough) and more. In the same way that I appreciate big designers who try to make affordable options for 'normal people,' I like how chefs give people a glimpse at all these new flavors and techniques- even if only for a week.

And of course, Restaurant Week is great because it is an excuse to get together with friends. If Los Angeles does not do this yet, they need to, at least by the time I move back.

[*Although I did enjoy my day off, I do agree with my friend Faith that Martin Luther King Jr. probably would have wanted us to go to school yesterday and learn.]
[**I am still shocked by Heath Ledger's death. I do not know if I will blog about it, but it is sad]

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faithsalutes said...

I want restaurant week here!