Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bartlet for America

Watching the third season of the West Wing on DVD, there is an episode entitled "Bartlet for America," which has flashbacks of President Bartlet's road to the White House.

As the episode shows images of the beginnings of the campaign in New Hampshire and talk about Iowa, and I cannot help but be slightly envious of my friends who are working for "_______ for America." They are working full-time and volunteering for almost every nominee on both sides, and I love hearing their stories. I have waves of nostalgia from 2004 and even USAC campaigns.

Then I remember how campaign life is not as glamorous as it seems on television. Freezing in Iowa, getting stuck in airports on the way to New Hampshire, fearing losing one's job when the campaign is scaling back, dealing with a lot of crazy people, etc. As much respect as I have for people who devote everything to candidates that they believe in for little or no money, it is not for me right now. And I certainly would not have known who I would work for a few months ago, and sometimes even today.

Perhaps one day I will come out of political retirement, and maybe the candidate I will work for will actually win.

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