Thursday, October 18, 2007

Runs in the Family...

In addition to being excited about my interview tomorrow, I am also excited about seeing my brother, who will be home for the Cal v. UCLA game.

Though my brother and I are very different, we do share a love of college football, ABBA, and taking over things. We cannot just join things, we have to go in and conquer. Whereas I spent my college years climbing the ranks of college democrats and student government, my brother became the President of his fraternity. Some people may brush off a fraternity president; however I was quite proud of his tenure. He increased membership, helped get money to revamp their house, and led his chapter to win all these awards. Now as President Emeritus, he is revitalizing alumni relations with events like a tailgate before the game.

A lot of people realize how much they are like their parents as they grow up, I know I have. But now I am also realizing how much I am like my brother. I guess we might be related after all.

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