Sunday, October 07, 2007

Parental Advisory

When my friend was taking a run around the law school this week, a woman pushing a stoller and walking her dog said to my friend, "Run, run while you still can." Wow.

Although I gawk at the babies at church, take care of the 1Ls like my kids, and am known to many as Momma Doan, I do not caution signs about parenting. I am in no rush to join the many girls from my high school who are married and have facebook pictures with their kids. Nothing wrong with it, but I am just not ready for that stage of my life.

I think my major epiphany was when I was at the beach in Delaware last summer. As I was relaxing on the beach, a mom with 3 little kids came onto the beach. The kids were running around, screaming, and throwing sand at each other, while the mom was carrying lounge chairs, an umbrella, and tons of kid toys. You could tell that all she wanted to do was sit down, but she had to threaten the kids with going home if they did not behave. That was the moment when I realized when I did not want to have kids for a long time.

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