Friday, October 05, 2007

More Pumpkins

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday because I get scared easily. However, being in Washington, DC, I am entertained by all of the political nerdy costumes around. Last year (as I described here) I saw people dressed up as Watergate tapes, Janet Reno, Mark Foley-bait, WTO protesters, etc.

This year, I already have friends thinking up costume ideas. For example, my friend from UCLA and nationally known political blogger, Ezra, is dressing up as Jesus with a bong in honor of the big Supreme Court free-speech case about a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" poster. He also found this site, which has stencils of Presidential candidates for your pumpkin.

The bad part about not picking a candidate is that I do not know who to carve into my pumpkin.

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James said...

Well, keep in mind that you're supposed to carve a scary image into a pumpkin. You don't have to figure out which candidate you're going to be supporting, just pick one that scares you. Personally, I'd have to go with Thompson or Giuliani. :)