Monday, September 17, 2007

Overheard at Home

Mom: Did Dad tell you that I blacked out? I think it was the tequila.


Dad: Traitor! *pointing at an Asian person cheering for Utah against UCLA*


Grandma: I thought you were going to be taking me to Las Vegas for my birthday!
Dad: That would be bad news.
Grandma: But sometimes you have to be bad. You cannot always be good.


Mom: So many car dealerships. How do they all stay in business?
Dad: What are you talking about? Just look at the roads! *while driving down the infamous California highways*


As you can tell, I do not come home just for the food. There is always free entertainment.


James said...

I get the feeling your family would get along with our family pretty well. :D

Smash said...

I'm glad it was a productive/entertaining trip.