Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Fun & Bad Public Policy

Coming back to California today, I settled into the normal Doan family routine. My dad picked me up from the airport and, as usual, we went to Sam Woo BBQ. The restaurant is the only "B" rated restaurant that I will go to without protest, and I am not the only one. This place is always packed with people waiting for Chinese bbq pork or ducks that hang from the window.

Later that evening, my mom and I went to the mall, as usual. As we were walking through Macy's, my mom quickly ran over to me and told me to look over by the bag section. I turned around and saw a family friend, who I learned was having an affair last time I came home. He was buying a big Coach bag with "the other woman."

I could not believe my eyes. The thought of adultery itself is enough to make my stomach turn, especially when you know the man cheating has three little kids. But to see such a public display of it was shocking, and even angering. I wondered if he wanted someone to catch him. If you know Santa Clarita, you know that you always run into people at the mall because there is nothing else to do here.

Not there is probably such thing as a good affair; but there is something about a public affair that just screams arrogance (or stupidity) to me.


James said...

Does everyone know except for his wife, or does she just not care?

While it bothers me to think of someone committing adultery, I could live with the thought under certain circumstances, I think. Hooray for moral relativism! :P

Kristina said...

Yeah, I think it would not be as bad if the wife knew and did not care. I would not be one to judge a couple's understood lifestyle.

However, everyone is pretty sure that she does not know. This puts a lot of people in an awkward situation because they are friends with her too, but obviously do not want to be the one to tell her that her husband is buying another woman bags.