Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dim Sum

Growing up in a predominately white area and having few Asian friends, I always got jokes about how I was not really Asian. And yes, I am guilty of making these jokes too.

But when I went to dim sum today with members of APALSA (the Asian law students group), I realized how many "Asian" parts of my upbringing that I just take for granted. Some of my friends who came along with me, including Alex, had never had the amazingness known as dim sum before.

Although I was no ordering pro like one of my friends who took charge for us and spoke in Mandarin (or is it Cantonese?) to the servers, I at least know that the carts that come out first are not the good stuff. Many novices fall into that trap. I also know what were my favorites (mmm, bbq pork stuffed bun baos) and what I do not like (the custard tartlets). I am glad I finally appreciate good Asian food after spending much of my childhood eating just rice at restaurants.

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James said...

To my knowledge, there are two main styles of dim sum: Mandarin and Hong Kong (which speaks mainly Cantonese).

I LOVE steamed pork buns. And those red bean paste stuffed sesame seed balls are off the hizzy, as it were.

I'm not too adventurous when it comes to weird dim sum things, though. I can have a whole meal of steamed pork buns, fried rice, and a sesame seed ball...