Wednesday, August 08, 2007

72 and Sunny

The #1 question that I have been getting since I came back last Friday has been, "Are you planning on moving back to California?" I can now confidentely say yes.

Today in DC, "[t]emperatures hit 102 at Reagan National Airport at 1 p.m., breaking a nearly 80-year-old record by one degree . . . The National Weather Service has been predicting a possible high of 103 degrees, with a heat index of about 105 . . . It is, of course, a Code Orange day, signifying unhealthy air quality." (D.C. Area Heat Breaks 77-Year Record). There are also supposed to be thunderstorms during the week so you can imagine how humid it is.

Conversely, in Santa Clarita, where the weather typically hits the triple digits during the summer, it is 83 degrees. Most importantly, that is dry heat. In Westwood it is 76 degrees and in San Clemente it is 72 degrees. No wonder all the men in San Clemente wear Hawaiian silk shirts to church, its like a holiday there everyday.

Undoubtedly the main reason why I am coming back to California is because of my family and the lifestyle, but I could solely rest my case on the weather.

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