Monday, July 09, 2007

Draft 1: By the Numbers

First draft of my comment on No Child Left Behind waivers is done. Seeing as how I have lost the will to write anymore complete thoughts, I'll just stick with numbers:

Pages of Text: 13
Pages of Footnotes: 21
Total Pages: 34
Required Text to Footnote Ratio: 1:1.5
Actual Days of Writing: 4
Number of Footnotes: 78
Favorite Footnote: 54
States Who Dislike NCLB: Probably 50, especially Utah.
Times I Stayed at the Library Until Closing: 1
Cups of Coffee Consumed: 2
Movie Breaks: (Ocean's) 13
Times I used the word "supra": 31
Pages Printed for Research: ~1,500 (I'm guessing)
Children Left Behind While Writing This Comment: Hopefully None

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