Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life Updates

Update on the anonymous creep: Right after my conversation with the guy pretending to be Alex, I did actually google the screen name. (Faith, you and I are always on the same page). Long story short, I found out that whoever has this screenname instant messaged a girl who goes to Virginia Tech nearly a year ago, also pretending to be her boyfriend. She also told me that another girl contacted her with the same exact story. Now that I know that it wasn't a friend playing a joke on me, I'm going to do a little investigative work on this serial imposter. Yes, I've been watching too much Law & Order but I'll keep everyone posted.

In other news, I'm enjoying my life as a "legal extern" (this is a fancy title that differentiates me from the undergrads and helps reassure myself that even though I don't get paid, I get school credit). What the job lacks in pay, it makes up with events that satisfy my legal nerdiness. The next two weeks are especially busy, here are some things on the docket:
  • Today: Got to sit in on a conference call with big firms, nonprofits, and our organization strategizing on what to include in briefts to the Supreme Court regarding the El-Masri extrodinary rendition case.
  • Wednesday: Intern lunch with a speaker from the Justice Project, an organization that works on death penalty and wrongful conviction issues.
  • Thursday: CATO institute debate on healthcare and sneak peak at parts of Michael Moore's new "documentary."
  • Friday: Get to sit in on a meeting with my boss and Congressional staffers on Presidential signing statements.
  • Next Tuesday: Congressional hearing on Federal Death Penalty. Then Congressional hearing on restoration on Habeas Corpus.
  • Next Wednesday: Intern lunch with the first man to be exonnerated by DNA evidence (I'm sure I'll be writing about this more later).
  • Next Thursday: American Constitution Society review on all the Supreme Court cases that came out this term, Thurgood Marshall Journalism award, and UN Award Reception for Alfred Mora- a former Navy lawyer who has spoken out against Guantanamo.
So for those of you who wonder what I do all day, how you can make work without pay fun, or why I wanted to stay in DC for my first law school summer...now you know. And yes, inbetween this, I occassionally do work.


faithsalutes said...

KPD you are Law and Order! Keep me posted, this is too juicy to pass up. If you get involved with the FBI, can I be in charge of your press?

I heart Slate.

faithsalutes said...

PS Work schmerk.