Monday, June 04, 2007

A Town that Talks

Caught up in the law school bubble, I sometimes forget that I live in probably the most political town in the entire world.

However, riding the metro today, I noticed that every single ad in the metrocar was about Boeing and military stuff. Exiting the metro, I then saw ads an Israeli-ad against Palestine and a Palestinean-ad against Israel.

In New York, I remember ubiquitous beer ads in the subway cars. In DC, I have seen ads ranging from promoting with coal energy to protesting abortion. Nothing like being lobbied on your way to work.

This little district's got a lot to say. Even the license plates are a political message: No taxation without representation.

And every once in a while, DC will show its nerdy political humor. As I was walking back from work today, I saw this ad infront of a beauty salon and couldn't stop laughing.

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