Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seeing the Light

With Property done (thank goodness), there's only one final left that stands between me and summer. 3 days until my 3 hour final and my first year of law school will be done. In the words of my roommate "this is where we separate the strong from the weak."

Though she was kind of joking, it's somewhat true. Not that the last final will make or break you, but I think finals in general test how long you can persevere. And while I'm quite exhausted, I'm determined to end strong after I got a little pep talk today from an usual source.

So earlier this semester I went to the eye doctor around the corner because my glasses broke. He was mean and scolded me for not trying hard enough in telling the difference between lens A and B, 1 or 2 (those who have been to eye doctors know what I'm talking about). Despite saying that I was trying because I don't like having poor vision, he didn't believe me and kept saying I wasn't trying hard enough. Long story short, I lucked out and found a new eye doctor down the street.

After my final today I go to new doctor, who already seemed very pleasant when I was making my appointment with him over the phone, and was just as nice in person. After the last doctor, I thought I was going to develop a fear of optometrists and not getting the answers right on the vision test like people have of dentists and getting fillings. However, this doctor was nice, explained exactly what he was doing the whole time, and I even got to do fun eye tests I've never done before like the colorblind and binocular test.

And when we were doing the eye test, I warned him that my eyes were a little tired from staring at a computer screen for four hours straight while taking my property final and he responds, "that's right, you're in law school. Wow, you should be really proud of yourself for how far you've come. You'll one day realize what a tiny percentage of people get to go to law school, and to almost be done with your first year, that's great!"

It was pretty much just the thing I needed to hear at the exact moment when I needed it the most, in this homestretch. I see the light, and thanks to new contacts, I can actually see things without eyeglasses all the time...just in time for summer and my sunglasses.

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Whinnie said...

Your roomate sounds quite intelligent. And pretty too.
You are almost done! You can dooo it