Sunday, May 13, 2007

Independence Day

Here is the breakdown of my first glorious day of freedom, otherwise known as my guilt-free day of nothingness. I am only chronicling this because it is so out of the ordinary for me.

9:30am- Sad that this is sleeping in for me. Then I ate oatmeal and watched American Gladiators until my roommate woke up. I almost forgot what a great show this is, my favorite event is Assault and my favorite gladitor is Hawk (I met him at an alumni thing and he has both a MBA and PhD from UCLA. Who would have thought?)

11:30am- Went "apartment shopping" and talked to the leasing office about downgrading (having a corner penthouse apartment = expensive). Also set up an appointment across the street to see another apartment. Either way, we stick with our man, Charles E. Smith, who owns like every building in DC. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

1:00pm- Watched 4 hours of this season's Top Model, drinking virgin margaritas and eating chicken wings. It was glorious.

5:30pm- Happy Hour with the Administrative Law Review. Met nice people and I love that we get hours counted to our journal requirement through happy hours. And people wonder why lawyers do business over drinks, we're trained that way.

8:30pm- Walked home in the POURING rain. Thunder and lightening galore. Even with an umbrella, I was still soaking wet. Maybe this is a sign of cleansing of first year. Or maybe it's just a sign that DC summer is here.

9:00pm- Watched the last 3 hours of the Top Model Marathon and planned my trip with Alex.

Midnight: SLEEP!

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