Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the Criminal Justice System...

You how people always ask how you how you decided to take the educational and career path you did? I always reply Law & Order. Though many people may think I am joking, I am dead (no pun intended) serious. Maybe I would have found the legal path anyway, but I remember thinking how cool lawyers were once my brother forced me to watch Law & Order repeats afterschool on A & E.

Actually, when I first watched the show, I wanted to be a criminal psychologist. I think my dad was a little disconcerted by the thought of me examining the minds of possible criminals. Maybe in comparison, a lawyer sounded like a much better idea.

Anyway, I just thought of that because I'll be wrapping up my first year of law school with criminal law. I've been trying to channel my inner Jack McCoy (Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order), even though my Professor, a former public defender, isn't the biggest fan of prosecutors. His tactics might be ethically dubious but I still love him.

I plan on using tomorrow's test as my one opportunity to pretend to be a criminal lawyer, since I don't plan on being one in real life. That's notice to all my friends/family, don't get in trouble because your one call will be wasted on me.

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