Monday, May 14, 2007

East Coast Exploration

Even though one of the big reasons I picked to go to American was the fact that it was in DC, sometimes I forget that I live in our nation's capital, let alone on the East Coast.

So before I head back to the library to do some work for Law Review, I was glad a few friends and I had the chance to visit two goregous East Coast cities I've never been to: Annapolis & Old Town Alexandria (pictured above).

From eating lunch outside, trying on funny hats at all the different stores, going on a bay cruise with hundreds of loud and unsuperverised kids, enjoying a cone of icecream while walking through historic areas, it was an all around relaxing and fun day. If there weren't so many reasons pulling me back to California, I would consider moving in either of these areas.

Speaking of which, I realized that this will probably be my main summer to enjoy the East Coast, since I might be heading back to California next summer and after law school. So my "summer resolution" is to explore. Today was a good start and in a week, Alex and I will be driving down from New York to DC, stopping in Philadelphia and Delaware for a few days (what's in Delaware you ask, beaches and tax-free outlet shopping.) So many great cities to see out here, fortunately they're all so close. And the more time outside, the happier and tanner I will be.

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