Sunday, March 11, 2007

Opposites Attract

I had always been told, and always kind of knew, that I had more of an East Coast personality. Whereas Southern Californians are known to be more laid back, I am a workoholic, perfectionist, type-A personality who likes to wear polo shirts and pearls.

Yet, coming home for Spring Break made me realize that being in an environment that is slightly different than my own personality is good for me. While I'm on the East Coast, the bad weather and more fast-paced life work well when I need to buckle down to be a studious 1L. But I think that having a more pleasant and sunny environment will be good for me when I finally enter the working world and try to create a stable life.

Between the sun and being around normal people (aka my family and my pre-law school friends), it is difficult not to take a break. My favorite part of the weekend so far was eating tacos with my parents before going to see the sunset at the beach. Not to mention I got to wear my flip-flops (those are my toes in the picture!) and my sunglasses again! It's all very pleasant, which is a good way to describe life round these parts.

In Sex & the City, Carrie has a relationship with New York. I might be dabbling around on the East Coast, but my real relationship is with Southern California. And it's one of those opposite attracts relationships, which for me, seems to work out quite nicely.
(At San Clemente Beach today)

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